Thursday, February 1, 2007

Interviews/Letters/NYC Trip

This morning I had an interview with the Capital Markets group of an IB in Denver. It went very well. The two guys that interviewed me were friendly and professional. I enjoyed it and, like the Janus interview, I wasn't nervous. This interview taught me that I need to prep some more for each interview. Particularly, I need to have someone ask me the usual generic questions and have me answer them in a way that is focused to the firm with which I am interviewing. My main goal for next time needs to be to make my answers more concise and to the point. I felt that my answers in this interview were vague and lacked focus. I know I can do better and I will next time.

I did not get card from my interviewers because they do not have them yet (the CMG is just starting up). However, I did email a thank you letter that also reinforced several points I made during the interview. Now's the waiting game to see when I get contact from them.

Tomorrow, I have what DU calls a "mock interview." This is a process that brings in real recruiters and HR types and they actually interview you for a job. At the end of the process, you are then critiqued on your performance. I am excited about the opportunity to receive immediate feedback on my performance, but I will be ticked if they aren't brutally honest.

Earlier this week I was forwarded a job posting for a rather well known IB and Equity Research group in NYC. I sent in a cover letter and resume on Tuesday night. As of yet, I have heard nothing. Within the posting itself, it stated that the Analysts under whom I would be working travel very often. I therefore plan to call the firm on Monday if I do not hear from them prior to then.

I spoke with another professor earlier this week and was able to get another handful of DU contacts in NYC. I just finished drafting emails to all of them and will reread them later this evening prior to sending them off.

I am tentatively planning a trip to NYC on February 15th through the 17th. As soon as I have an interview lined up for then, I am buying the tickets.


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