Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Applications, Rejections, and Responses

Talk about the most asinine application process that I have ever been through. This was insane. I can barely even decipher what all of the UK jargon is half the time. Why do they make you retype your entire resume, transcript, and life for their benefit? Why can't they just read my damn resume. Anyways, they are no longer hiring for their I-Bank.

BNP Paribas:
Applied to a few positions with them through These are pretty good analyst positions with reconciliation component. I have been reading about them on and they appear to have a really good culture and be a good midsized bank in NYC.

JP Morgan Chase:
I have heard back on three applications I have submitted to them and been rejected each time. The first one was an analyst for their medical devices group. This I heard about from but all the others were through the JP Morgan career site.

Here in Denver, Janus has 15 openings in its Data Analysis Department. I think they cleaned house recently for some reason or another. These openings are not listed on their site and I got the recommendation through a friend. Email them directly if you are interested.

Green Manning & Bunch
I got rejected in my request for an internship by this small, 20 person investment firm here in Denver. Oh well.

CIBC World Markets
Rejected me for the position of Junior High Yield Sales Associate. Damn Canadians.

Consolidated Investment Group:
I received a posting for this firm from a professor that I have had in the past. They want a Junior Investments Analyst. Their real estate group has a fair amount of visibility, but the investment group, which this job is part of, has literally none. Any information regarding this would be really appreciated.

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