Saturday, December 23, 2006


During my job search, I have constantly come across job postings by recruiters. While it's always encouraging to find job openings posted on the web, postings by recruiters can be very frustrating. Many of the postings list many details of the job being offered, however the employer's name is conspicuously missing. Here is an excellent example of the type of posting that frustrates me. Getting in contact with these recruiters often doesn't provide any more clarity. While these postings on Careerbuilder and other job hunt websites are frustrating, many interesting jobs can be found if one searches the recruiter's web pages. Below are several recruiters I have encountered recently.

Robert Half

Solomon-Page Group
IJC Partners

I have been in email contact with one recruiter in particular, who hasn't even mentioned a specific job (he emailed me through this website), but he constantly emails me various questions. While at first he was trying to interest me in financial services, he has now begun sending me an email every other day asking me various finance questions. Last email asked me to price an option using the Black-Shoals Options Pricing Model.

Just so every reader knows, I am still searching for a job!

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