Saturday, December 30, 2006

Newark Follow-Up & NYC I-Banking Friend

I sent an email and a copy of my resume to the man I met in the Newark Airport. One of his HR people emailed me back and asked if I would be interested in a job as a consultant. Later that day (yesterday) she called me and discussed the position with me. It seems very interesting. It's a position that requires up to 75% travel, but offers the opportunity to learn a lot about finance and the operation of different companies. I told her I would not be available to work until I graduate in June. While they are looking for people to begin work immediately, she said that she would be in contact closer to June, because the company is very interested in me and my credentials.

This was a big boost, but still not the type of job that I am looking for!

Yesterday, I also spoke with an old friend of mine who works in a very large I-Bank in NYC. He has been there since the summer and had very little to offer me about how to land a job. He went to an Ivy and said that the banks were just handing out jobs. It probably didn't hurt that he is a very bright guy. His only pieces of advice were networking and using Both things I already am doing. I feel like I am missing something in this search though. Beginning in the New Year, I am hitting the search even harder than before.

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