Sunday, December 17, 2006

Interview Prep Questions

These prep questions came from a friend of mine who just landed a job in NYC. Most are pretty good.
3 strengths

3 weaknesses (good weaknesses) ie. I get frustrated when those on a project are not as motivated as me.

A time when you have had to meet a deadline

A time when you have had to work under pressure

A time when you have had to work in a group/team

Why you picked DU and was it a good fit (try to be as positive as possible)

Why you want to work in this position at this firm

How have you overcome adversity in the past

What are important characteristics in team work

What does it take to be a good leader.

Follow up with good questions: Where do you see analysts go after two years, b school?, move up in the company, another company?

What is the culture like?

As far as technical questions, you do not need to worry. Anything they will ask you, you will know. Most questions they will ask if any will be very basic, talk about valuation, talk about different financial statements.


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