Sunday, December 17, 2006

FMI Internship

FMI wants me for their project. I went in to speak with a Senior Associate today, and was thrown into the midst of a meeting among three high ups in the firm. They were discussing their need to vet a database of clients. I have decided that I will take the internship.

This will be using a program called Capital IQ which is widely used in IB, at least in my understanding. I will be able to use this opportunity to learn a hell of a lot about the construction industry as well. The guy I will be working under just came from a very large firm and will be a good mentor for me. Lastly, the nature of the database is such that I will need to make it accessible for the needs of FMI specifically. To do this, I will need to learn a significant amount about their business.

It all sound like a winner to me. Plus it pays well.

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