Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Janus Phone Interview, Round 1

This was the first phone interview for the position of Research Associate for Data Analysis.

Overall, this went very well. I spoke with a woman from HR who has an engineering background and has worked with the firm for only a few months. Below I have transcribed the questions which she asked me in the order which they were asked. Speaking to an HR person, I was very surprised to get finance and modeling questions. The first one threw me off guard. The rest of them I feel like I aced. I have another phone interview this afternoon with the Senior Director of Portfolio Analytics a certain fund. I was told to be prepared to discuss any investments which I follow.

  1. Rate your Excel skills from 1-5.
  1. What are your strengths?
  1. What will be the biggest challenge in this job?
  1. What salary would you expect?
  1. In a model, how does Net Income show up on the Balance Sheet?
  1. How would you project PP&E for a company?
  1. In a model, what rate do you use to discount cash flows to the firm?


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