Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Janus Interview Prep

I am getting ready for my interview at Janus in two hours. To prep, I have written a load of questions down on pieces of paper and put them into a hat. While sitting in front of the mirror, I pull out a question and answer it. This seems to be helpful, at least I will be ready to answer whatever they ask me. Additionally, I am going over notes from my old classes and reviewing some of my text books and study sheets. My reasoning is that I will be prepped for any technical questions which they may throw me. This may all be overkill. After all, this interview is to see if me and my "mentors" in this group will mesh. Anyways, I am looking at this interview as a learning experience. As stated numerous times in this blog, I am looking for a job in NYC: something this job cannot provide.

I am surprisingly not nervous. Really, just kind of excited for the experience. We'll see how I fair when I get to the office.


Dennis Smith said...

Love the interview prep, Brian! Practice takes away the nerves and I can tell that you are putting in the necessary effort to blaze through with flying colors.

Hope to hear good news,


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